»Jetzt gibt’s was auf die Ohren!« »Lmgtfy!« »How can we be of service?« »Feeding Ears since 1998« »How can we be of service?« »Innovativ? Wir katalysieren Trends zeitnah!« »Sudo instead of please.« »GEMA; no more.« »Innovative? Yes, we catalyse trends!« »Viral ist, wenn man trotzdem linkt.« Audiovisuelle Komposition

Donner 2008

Mr. Johannes Donner wanted a fresh and modern campaign because he moved and needed full attention of his old clients. It should work as word of mouth impluse as well. The result means literally:»to see thunder« – His surname is the German word for thunder but we focus on his art of course.

Hans Donner 2008 Neue Kampagne