»How can we be of service?« »Dinosigner.« »Jetzt gibt’s was auf die Ohren!« »Dada-Ad!« »Designer.« »Sudo instead of please.« »Innovativ? Wir katalysieren Trends zeitnah!« »Viral ist, wenn man trotzdem linkt.« »Dada-Ad!« »Wissen Sie wie man wirbt?« Audiovisuelle Komposition


Digital Noises are experts in digital problem-solving. We use all sorts of audiovisual tools from the 21st century to reach the goal of our clients.
We focus on the target audience while creating webpages with proper readability or presentations with a comfortable appearance.

Suitable for the target audience and its perception capabilities. We love usability, we love responsive web design and good user-experiences.
Good design is a form of problem-solving. – This is what we believe in.
Why is that? Nancy Wieland Dipl. Betriebswirtin, years of experience with B2B-clients Florian Schommertz Musician, Sound-Engineer, Designer, Computer freak