»How can we be of service?« »Designer.« »Dinosigner.« »Sudo instead of please.« »Viral ist, wenn man trotzdem linkt.« »How can we be of service?« »Innovative? Yes, we catalyse trends!« »Dada-Ad!« »Feeding Ears since 1998« »GEMA; no more.« Audiovisuelle Komposition


Video Effects

Aluscout Innovation-award 08

This Logoanimation for Alu-Scout was done in after effects. We used the gorgeous Frischluft-Filters by my friend Philip Spoeth. The glow and the volumetrics-effect where used. (Volumetrics is the one which looks like light shines from the back through the letters in front.)



The following Screenshot demonstrates the moving of the origin between to Points – the two keyframes in the origin-row. So it looks like the light source moves from left to right.

Erklärung - Volumetrics

03 Innovationspreis Volumetrics

04 Volumetrics

05 08 Volumetrics Fade