»Jetzt gibt’s was auf die Ohren!« »Innovative? Yes, we catalyse trends!« »Innovativ? Wir katalysieren Trends zeitnah!« »How can we be of service?« »How can we be of service?« »GEMA; no more.« »Dada-Ad!« »Lmgtfy!« »Sudo instead of please.« »Designer.« Audiovisuelle Komposition



VCI – Expo 2000

Sounddesign for the infotainment tour on the stall of the VCI, the association of the chemical industry. The Show was presented at the end of a joyride. Whilest people weared Surround -Headphones from Sennheiser, they saw several scenerarios where chemicals do an essential job for mankind. At the end of the tour a cinema like room was entered and a presentation on 3 screens where shown simultaneously.

Wolfgang Simm composed the Music, Facts and Fiction did the whole concept and the videos.