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Advertising from Wegberg and New Zealand

Hello visitor,

nice that you’re here! We love new visitors on our website, as most visitors are boring. Competitors have a look from time to time, sometimes the IRS …. But for those two this website wasn’t created. (At this point, I give a little “sorry“out to both of them.) We make the site here for YOU! And you’re probably here for a phone number. -> +49 (0) 2434.3083 890. (Sorry you had to scroll down for that * hehe * how mean).

»Most portfolio pages« are boring!

Let’s face it, most “portfolio websites” are boring! But since I actually and occasionally have something to say (even though not written in the best possible english :D), we have put our weblog on this page. That’s where I put stuff I like and to be honest mostly in german. I also do tiny documentations for our work now and then.

Speaking of work – we do web design and advertising, the title here with the text »Design Wegberg« is somewhat boring, but just right to make search engines find out about us, the small Advertising Agemcy from Germany.


What’s our profession?:

  • Webdesign
  • Corporate Design
  • Printed matter
  • Voice Recording
  • Music
  • Sound Design

and we make it all good as well. Of course there are great customer logos hidden on this site! Logos are kind’o mandatory for agencies but we didn’t want them screaming in our menu bar.


We have partners. Such a small agency can’t do everything yourself. The partner logos can be found next to each job to which they were involved, or are commissioned.


Our customers and partners know: We do not take our beer seriously (german saying – not to bad eh?). We create design and advertising with fun for our customers and their customers. And yes, we work with these hip computers, but that does not make us killjoys. Only to Word we have something. Word is named Word because it is not sufficient for text. So by all means, please no doc attachments to emails.

New opening times:
from 10:00 to 12:30 CET, you may catch us on landline. – The rest of the day we work and we are mostly 24/7 available via email.

All the best
yours Florian Schommertz