»Innovative? Yes, we catalyse trends!« »GEMA; no more.« »Sudo instead of please.« »Dinosigner.« »Innovativ? Wir katalysieren Trends zeitnah!« »Jetzt gibt’s was auf die Ohren!« »GEMA; no more.« »Wissen Sie wie man wirbt?« »How can we be of service?« »Dinosigner.« Audiovisuelle Komposition



What is a Designer?
A designer is a business professional who develops solutions to commercial needs that require the balancing of technical, commercial, human and aesthetic requirements.

A designer can be said to be both technician and artist.

A designer plans things for manufacture or construction. The difference between a designer and a craftsperson or artist is that designers usually develop things that have requirements set by others and will ultimately be produced by others.

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