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What is a website’s goal? What is your goal? If you know the answers to those two questions you’re able to avoid disappointment. Most business people ask for a better search engine positioning with an absolutely impossible word. We help you to get a realistic idea on what’s possible.

Oberste-Beulmann GmbH Co.KG

Design, Konzeption und Realisation

Oberste Beulmann

We completely reworked the old Oberste Beulmann website, regarding look, content and functionality.

The new design contains a detailed information delivery programm with all the available steel types.

The website is available in 5 languages and is constantly being evolved.

table-oberste-beulmann startscreen-beulmann

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  • 08.05.2014

Höhler Neummann


Höhler Neumann

We developed the website Höhler-Neumann  from Aachen Germany. The designer wanted a smooth java script site incl. pictures of the lawyers. Look and concept by »Schlicht und Ergreifend«.

Höhler Neumann wanted a good search result for the term “Anwälte Aachen”. This was achieved in october 2012.

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  • 09.06.2012



Ziegelei Gillrath

The heart of the Gillrath brick manufacture is the oven. It’s called »Hoffmansche Ringofen« and it works as a trademark in the German brick industry.

Architects like the high quality bricks and the high colour precision that can be achieved. This is important to memorial building restorations and new buildings that are placed next to monuments e.g.

We achieved high recognition amongst architects regarding the extra subpage for the oven.

Since it’s launch the Gillrath website has an extra AdWords campaign and statistics which are run by us.

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  • 05.07.2011

Lady Antebellum

Debugging und Finetuning der Webseite

Lady Antebellum

Squarevisuals from Cologne created the new website for Lady Antebellum. Code by Digital Noises.

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  • 23.02.2011

Rechtsanwälte Reitz

Reitz #2

The SEO Project “Rechtsanwälte Reitz” is just about to be harvested. The English google.com show the attorneys on page 1 (position 5). The German google.de-site shows them on page 3. After 3 months Reitz did it from page 10. (Keyword “Anwalt Aachen”, this was the case on Dec. 12th 2007, they rose up to the first 10 results on google.)

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  • 12.12.2007